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April 11, 2012 in Uncategorized

Dear CoffeeClub friends,

When we first launched the CoffeeClub, around 5 years ago, we really had a dream: to use the CoffeeClub as a multilanguage platform to connect not on only coffee growers, but all people that work with or simply love coffee.

Well, we had to wait five years to have a reliable tool to almost achieve this. We now installed the “google translate” tool in the CoffeeClub, so that with a simple click you can translate to any language the content of the CoffeeClub. No, it is not perfect, and we may find some erros, but it is an important tool for conversation and the exchange of ideas.

Where you can find the translation tool? You can find it at the right side of the page, just select your language and click to translate.

Let’s have a try? Click on the link below to access a post in Portuguese. Maybe you will not find the “English” option at first, but click on another language and then click again on “English” and you will find it.

I have just updated a new post in the community “Cafés do Brasil”:

Coming soon! Next Brazilian coffee crop… Will it be enough?

What’s your opinion? Feel free to answer the question in your language!

Have a nice coffee week!

Paulo Henrique Leme

CoffeeClub Mediation Team

4 responses to CoffeeClub – A multilanguage platform to connect coffee people!

  1. This innovation is really amazing and will go a long way in reducing on information assymmetry knowing very well that a proportion of coffee farmers worldwide may not know the international languages like English, Spanish and French and also Chinese consumers and others who may want to contribute coffee related ideas.

    Please, we shall popularise this in Africa and even beyond.

    Kind regards,

    James Kizito-Mayanja

    Uganda Coffee Development Authority

  2. Hi! I tried the translation tool. Wonderful! This will really help all the coffee world to stay connected.
    Kind regards.
    Anna Illy
    illycaffè s.p.a.

  3. Dear James and Anna,

    It is really nice to hear from two important leaders in the industry that you enjoy CoffeeClub and the tools it offers for the coffee people everywhere!



  4. retired trade adviser at the ICO

    very good idea

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