Latest updates! From Uganda to Vietnam! From market analysis to single-serve!

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  1. Horrible truth about coffee
    Time before the coffee maker for about 10% to get the glue popcorn, 90% is secondary damage coffee. Now only the percentage of coffee … 10%, the rest is burning soy and corn meal is laced with royal range of chemicals, noxious aromas.

    Horrible truth about coffee

    The truth of coffee!

    Habits are a lot of people sipped morning coffee morning, friends and dating coffee, in a tense or sleepy also find coffee. Many people who only drink out of habit, not knowing that the first coffee that is essentially just a mixture of corn flour, roasted soy nuts and spices burning toxic chemicals.

    In today’s market, the price of coffee varies from 50 to 55,000 VND / kg. With 1 kg of coffee is prepared only 0.7 kg of coffee powder. Such high coffee prices, many offers roasted coffee for only 55 to 60,000 VND / kg of coffee powder. If including labor costs, labeling, packaging, marketing, transportation … then surely the company will lose to this coffee. What type of business they what?

    Currently, the hard statistics of how many units of production of coffee powder, just know that the amount of coffee and drink each day is huge. However, there is a small quantity of coffee is processed by … corn and soybeans. Would be harmless if these are processed normally, but over here they are drying coal burnt into … then marinated, then packaged and marketed.

    After so many times to find out, we finally have a voice in the professional baristas “Unveiled” bubble recipe coffee. As shuddered when witnessing the oven dirty coffee processing and tracing the sources of supply of toxic chemicals as flavoring in coffee-making.

    Shudder “technology” make

    Dong Nai is considered the home of several manufacturing facilities, coffee processing, providing not only for the Southeast region that in many other localities throughout the country even spill over into the Cambodian market. Coffee names like XL, HK, D.N, T.D … no brand but consistent way into many large and small.

    Through the introduction, we have access to Mr TC (Live in Tan Hoa, Bien Hoa City, Dong Nai). He is hand prepared coffee in most technical areas. Many employers in Dong Nai, Saigon invited him on the preparation. He initially accepted but later discovered the boss just because running after profits that coffee loses identity should he not cooperate anymore.

    Mr. C. said the 80′s, the coffee roaster for about 10% to get the glue popcorn to coffee, the rest is secondary damage coffee. Then, during processing, do not know who “invented” can substitute soy coffee! Increasingly, this ratio substitute as much as the profits of manufacturers and the cafe owners. The owner must also know all, but for profit, they bought coffee for as cheap as possible, leaving producers no other way is to lower the maximum. And of course, comes down to is quality.

    Bring 2 cups of coffee, Mr. C. said in 2 cups, 1 cup of coffee “please” and 1 cup prepared impurities. With many years experience in the profession, he just sipped C. immediately to the right cup of coffee is secondary damage, but left the coffee cup “Dom”. Then he “performs” coffee blends “dom” with flavors, colors … exactly as packages of coffee that many employees bring offers.

    Continuing, Mr. C. brought out a little corn flour, soy flour with enough fire and chemicals, flavors. Mr. C. sure, depending on the preferences of each person you can divide the percentage of coffee – soybean – corn – levels of chemicals and additives in a flexible way. Who wants it more soy bitter fighting, like foam, add soda, pineapple, then “activate” flavoring … Scales measuring, counting a few minutes, Mr. C. had a mixture called no different coffee coffee packages that offer employees bring to his shop. According to Mr. C., the Vietnamese people prefer to drink their coffee to a dark, bitter, comparison, foam, aroma and … cheap. So the owner purchased coffee products under this category.

    Mr. C. said, including dozens of chemicals, coffee flavoring to “dom”. Accordingly, to be darker then the producer must give caramel color, salt, soybean bitterness there must be fire roasted soy nuts, caramel to fire, the original pharmacy with quinine; match the starch substance characteristics as CMC is of course foam foaming industrial odor to a lot of milk flavoring … fine, fine cocoa, fine coffee, avocado industry, the chemical, powder vanilla flavor … The chemical This is obvious as colorings and flavor industry, a high risk of harm. If including workers drying, grinding, packing, packaging labels … the price of a kg of coffee powder has up to more than 100,000. But in today’s market, most of the points are out of coffee wholesale price from 50 to 60,000 VND / kg.

    Mr. C said: “At these prices, only corn and soybean meal than what coffee is so cheap.” The basis for Mr. C. said “sure as eggs in eggs” that by his calculations, the soybean price 13,000 VND / kg and corn 9,000 VND / kg. Thus, a mixture of cornstarch, soy, aromatherapy, there may be little that sells coffee to pure 50-60000 / kg basis, the type of coffee production has more than 2 words, 3 times . The coffee production facilities “dom” had hit the psychological cafes are popular goods much cheaper to produce profitable. On the other hand, as consumers have taken a long time so-called “coffee” so they do not remember anymore the original coffee should be a fact that the mouth does not … processing raw coffee products. This headache producers with conscience!

    “So, to limit the harmful effects of” dirty coffee, “to protect the health of consumers, in addition to the hands of the authorities also need the contributions of mainstream consumers. And do the manufacturers need moral conscience “- Mr. C. sigh conclusions.

  2. Coffee Processing Technology dirty
    Price of a kilogram of coffee beans around 50,000, after processing will produce 0.7 kg of coffee powder, but many vendors are selling for prices ranging from 55,000 – 60.000d/kg. If the costs such as labor, packaging, marketing, transportation … this is the coffee company would be likely to hole. So why do not these companies stay healthy coffee that is rich visibly when trading this item?

    dirty coffee

    The profitability

    Through numerous referrals, we have access to Mr. C. – Have a reputation for technical preparation in Bien Hoa (Dong Nai). Only a small sip of coffee, he could distinguish the formulations of coffee brands at the rate of corn, soybeans and concentration of chemicals, additives like. In particular, he could make a cup of coffee is identical color, the flavor of coffee drinking test. The same reputation in the industry thanks to many coffee companies in Dong Nai, Vietnam has “ordered” him. However, because business owners because of high profits, gave recipes with too many toxic chemicals, he refused point.

    Mr. C. said, if the coffee-making by corn and soybean with reasonable rate would not be harmful to consumers much, but when dried corn and soybean burnt to a cinder, the more chemical marinated in , packaged and marketed it very dangerous for health. “With the current price of coffee, to produce a signed coffee powder (including workers drying, grinding, packing, packaging labels …) it takes at least 100,000 or more. Coffee powder prices are offered for sale from 55,000 – 60.000d/kg only cornstarch, soy alone “- Mr. C. confirmed.

    “Technology” with fat dirty coffee processing industry, sugar chemistry, chemical …

    To demonstrate, he said: the price of corn is about 8.000d – 9.000d/kg, soybeans about 13.500d/kg. With corn, soybeans which sold 55.000d – 60.000d/kg coffee business is “waving” quickly is understandable. High profits led firms to grow coffee and rush to market the product so topsy-turvy. The key for us to dozens of coffee marketing, Mr. C. shook his head: “There are many brands that you call the number printed on the packaging, only to hear … In e I, or access to which is the address …”.

    Chemicals: how many also have

    In “Coffee Table”, in addition to coffee – soy beans – corn, there are about a dozen chemicals, hazardous materials such as flour CNC (adhesive agent), foaming white, caramel flavor, fine milk, essential cocoa, fine coffee, butter industry, sweeteners, powdered vanilla … According to Mr. C., if not the substance above – are people in the industry buy at “fair Chemicals” Kim Bien (Vietnam) – the soybeans, corn can not “call processing” of coffee.

    CNC – coffee colloidal substances

    As a small business start-up to “processed” coffee powder from corn, soybeans, we visit a store chemicals at Kim Bien market. A relatively young woman applicant has: “Relax you two, for you to wholesale prices, kind also. Quality CNC made glue, make sure the coffee will be mixing viscous adhesives are eye-catching look, powder white foam for a bit then just stir lightly as foam coffee cups filled immediately; caramel odor like bitter Whatever style, which also smell (smell of coffee is bold, light) … “. Said this, she continued introduction of additives “advanced” than that just as people in the industry know: the milk, cocoa fine, fine coffee, butter industry, sweeteners, powdered vanilla …

    Caramel flavor, natural color and Bitter

    According to this woman, fine milk (white milky colored, viscous, can be packed in white plastic), the retail price 120.000d/kg. Fine cocoa is indispensable additives (which are also light brown to white in each plastic container) 350.0000d/kg price, this type in “coffee” will help the powder smells fragrant as regular premium type only available in luxury cafes. Sweeteners are packed into individual bags, each bag 1 kg (can be used for both ground coffee weight), white appearance as cassava pellets, for the matter when preparing the corn starch, soy blackened What size is the bitter coffee taste sweet, bitter nature. Also, for mixing, we also added the vanilla dough, making fragrant coffee powder …

    Milk crystal coffee

    Not only that, to reduce costs, soybean meal, corn after drying the coal spilled into the ground, mixed with butter (fat) industry (production by China, which cost just 50,000 – 60.000d/kg) on, to be fatty and aromatic powder. Also animal fats (fat lamb) – dedicated to quality dried coffee – the price to 260.000d/kg. The last paragraph of the “coffee corn, soy” flavor, add a little alcohol on Rhum, making coffee more charming when preparing for guests.

    Also at chemical Kim Bien market, said we prepare to open the coffee processing facilities, a shop employee other chemicals tips: “He was not the product packaging? Every shop K.T. (Chuang Tzu Road, Ward 14, District 5) that select models “. This salon has designated dozens of extremely eye-catching packaging, very nice with enough different weight. Most small businesses often come here to get the goods. When we arrived, the shop’s staff said, only the lowest is in sign (each sign is 500 pouches of 300g) with 135.000d/kg. Buy as is done, what employers want in on the name was just brought in is completed … shop

    Horrified processors

    From a clue, we find the coffee processing plant his septic deep in the alleys of the Tan Hoa (Bien Hoa City, Dong Nai). “Complex conjugate coffee-making” has three ovens, two mixers with three workers. Although this is the basis of providing a “coffee” big day, but very tuenh workshops total, unkempt. Do all the work is “mechanized” work atmosphere even very urgently but rather quiet, but who apparently discovered.

    Technology “make up” coffee seems harder to detect

    Due to Mr. P. – A connection patrons of the referral facility, we had no difficulty in contact with the owner of the establishment. After checking through our background, Mr. H. said he was doing this for decades, mainly daily roasted corn, soybeans, coffee used for the connection. Who brought the roast and then transported, on average each day and several hundred sign types.

    “I do not 40.000d/kg”. Mr. H. replied, “OK, but the rate of 50-50 (half corn, half a bean)”. Mr. H. explains: “If you do not bean or corn also, but denied drinking (violent) do”. “The beans have made 40.000d/kg say no?” – I turned. He N.T.H. shook his head: “If not, soy … hole to! Because now a sign 15.500d soybeans, seasoned as finished, the cup … “. He asked me, how much of the restaurant get? 60.000d/kg I said, he even quantifiable, “Cao best, coffee 1.5 + 1.5 + 7 corn soya, do not even have coffee (coffee)”.

    Between the time we talk, a batch of corn was burnt his workers H. for the furnace. After pouring onto the ground up, the workers spray a chemical brown, white … and then use the hoe to mix well. Next, two workers rake in a pot of coffee to pour dirty into the mixer. Once freed of dried corn into the machine, Mr. H. pour each bag of caramel, sticky substance, the chemical to mix well. Within five minutes, fresh corn was charred “call processing” the coffee is dark brown, shiny and fragrant, looks great. At this point, we have found expression dizziness, nausea caused by chemical smell of coffee rises marinated concentration anonymously, he H. said: “It must not familiar, is not a mask.” He rushed me through the mask large, thick, boasted: “There are younger in battery manufacturing company for the new stand” (!).

    PV Group

    Mr. Tran Van Ky – Director of Consulting Services for food safety techniques Infosa City, said: “when burnt roast, corn and soybean meal no more nutritional value. Same time, they will generate at least 20 kinds of toxic substances, including substances: acrylamide, heterocyclic amines, HCAs … are carcinogenic. alone CNC viscosity substances, if the type used in industry, have ability to cause cancer because it contains many toxic contaminants. Even the type used in food, if also toxic overdose. Quality caramel, if produced from burning sugar it generates toxic substances cause cancer messages such as foods other burnt. ”


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