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Name: Bellden Cafe

Neighborhood: Bellevue

This café serves up quality coffee with a charitable twist: they support a rotating cast of local nonprofit organizations. They offer these nonprofits a space to discuss their work, providing café staff as volunteers, and donating proceeds from the sale of specialty items. In addition to coffee, visitors can enjoy pastries, sandwiches, salads, acai bowls, and toasts.


Name: Espresso Vivace

Neighborhood: Capitol Hill

For anyone looking to make the journey to Seattle on a genuine coffee pilgrimage, you simply must stop by for an espresso drink at Vivace. Co-founder and coffee legend David Schomer revolutionized the industry by customizing his espresso machines to create a more consistent heating temperature. Along with extra shots but light pulls and a distinct silky-style microfoam in the milk-based espresso drinks, it’s no fluke that chef Emeril Lagasse called Espresso Vivace “one of the best coffees I ever had in my life…”

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